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Twats on the Thames

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I’m not even going to bother to be impartial here. What is happening in UK Politics? I’m used to shouting over the box in the House of Commons but the EU referendum has really shone a light on the shoddy state of politics in this country. Over the past 4 weeks have you heard one actual fact about the EU? One bona fide statistic? To me each camp have thrown away their chance to engage with the public about this and inform them about the decision we are all about to make.

You could argue that it is too big a decision to leave to the common man to make. I may even agree with you but never the less the referendum is happening in a weeks time. 1 week. Do you know how you’re voting? I don’t and I have heard a lot of the same from all of those who were unsure when the campaigns started to the extent that one or two have said they’re probably not going to vote at all!

What is more frustrating is that those who we vote to make these decisions decide to have an argument in a couple of boats this afternoon. The farcical scenes of the nation’s favourite arse wipe, Sir Bob Geldoff, hurling insults at the nation’s favourite bellend, Nigel Farage, could not be written by the creators of sitcoms such as ‘The Thick of It’. We laugh at the state of American politics and how Trump is taking over and stunts like today happen! It’s like babysitting toddlers, we take our eyes off them for 1 minute and they’ve run off in opposite directions.

The severity of the Referendum has been marred by the approach the two campaigns have taken. Name calling and ‘fear mongering’ and stupid stunts in the name of the common people. Of course they don’t represent the common man. They represent themselves and their party’s interest. Investing in a school in your area once in a while doesn’t mean the care. It’s to keep you quiet. Borris doesn’t want to leave the EU, he’s fine either way. He wants to be PM and he wants it now.

I don’t want a Prime Minister that pretends to support Aston Villa or West Ham or whichever one aligns him more with the votes he want’s to gain. UK politics has become a joke where whoever is in charge can just do what they like. PR departments have taken over to such an extent that MPs might as well pick up a completely new identity to who they actually are. That’s the one this I admire about Borris, he doesn’t try to hide the fact he’s a nutcase.

The scenes on the Thames today showed that the people who run this country are nothing but children. Concentrating on pig fucking instead of policies. Sacrificing valuable questions in the House of Commons to ‘Congratulate Leicester’ on winning the Prem and holding Gary Lineker to his promise that he would present Match of the day in his pants. It’s so tedious. Visiting building sites instead of doing something meaningful, asking the same question in the House of Commons 5 times in a row. I feel like shaking them and telling them to grow up.

Westminster is a playground for wealthy idiots. Rant over!

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