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Perspective is everything

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


I’m sure I won’t be the first to break the news that Britain are set to leave the EU. The polls have closed, votes counted and the results are in. Whether you were in Remain camp from the start, wanted out straight away or were swayed in the last four months, weeks or day, Britain has decided.

I for one, am glad I will see less of podgy Tory MPs and hear a lot less of the same arguments again and again. To be honest, my view was that I thought we should leave but if we remained it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Everyone knew it would be close and I thought a lot of the undecided would either bottle it and vote in or be swayed by the last ditch posters on Facebook and Twitter that claimed voters could have another referendum another time if we stayed in.

But this news needs to be met with optimism. We always knew that the economy would dive if we left the EU and that prophecy has come true, most notably the Pound falling to £1.4 to the Dollar after Newcastle-under-Lyme announced that Remain only won by 1% of votes there.

The fact is, no one knows what’s going to happen now. People are making assumptions about how young people are doomed and Britain will instantly regress. I’d say that’s a very negative attitude. We didn’t expect this but instead of whining about it we need to build up our economy, invest in our own industries and grow as a country. Deals have been struck before and new deals will be struck now, JCB aren’t going to hit the rocks because we are not in the EU. The world needs our diggers!

You could blame the politicians on the remain side. I may agree with you, I was certainly fed up with being called a racist every time I said I wanted to leave the EU and there was a problem with the UK’s immigration policy. Personally I found that the same old rehearsed answers that were said by David Cameron and John Major tiresome and uninspiring. Consistent economic predictions were made when, in all honesty, no one could ever know what will happen if we left the EU.

As I say, we are all scared of change but it needed to happen. I’d say to you, instead of blaming politicians look to the future. Instead of calling people names, accept it. We were asked this question and we, as a country, answered it and now we need to progress.

I would argue that we could be better out. I’m trying not to react to news in this post otherwise I’ll be here all day! I’m excited about the future, I just hope that I don’t regret where I placed my faith.

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