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New decade, new form factor?

It’s fair to say that a lot has happened since the turn of year.

Headlines naturally gravitate towards Trump’s now trademark diplomacy tactics when it comes to Iran, the ever increasing emergency facing Australia in the form of bush fires and of course the sabbatical of sorts that Harry and Meghan have decided to take. I’ll allow you to decide which is the more pressing headline however I would focus attentions on some more intriguing news coming from CES. Those in the know will point out that the show is literally aimed at consumers (Consumer Electronics Show). That’s a fair enough point but I would argue that the show gives us a direction of the next 12 months. One such concept is the foldable PC that Lenovo are parading at the show. Yet another take on the foldable concept, the idea is definitely here to stay. However, I wonder if, once the consumer hype dies down, there is a place for these devices in the workplace. Tablets are incredibly useful for the ‘modern’ workforce, certainly out and about I see more iPads with keyboard attachments than I do traditional laptops. So if we added the capability to take phone calls and be stored comfortably in a pocket, it turns into an attractive prospect surely?Admittedly the price will be a sticking point but the concept at least is certainly one that intrigues me.

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