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LeBron takes the Finals to the wire

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

LeBron James once again made a stake for MVP of 2016 after recording the second straight 40+ point game as the Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6.

Playing almost 45 minutes, James scored an impressive 41 points as the Cavaliers eased to a comfortable victory to take the Final Series of the 2016 NBA season to a final game in Oakland on Sunday night (Monday morning for UK viewers).

James also topped the leader boards in assists, blocks and steals as the Golden State Warriors were completely shut out of the game and made to work for every point they got.

But it was not just James who ran the show, Dahntay Jones made 100% of his Free Throw and Field Goal attempts and Tristan Thompson

Mo Williams and Tristan Thomas also mad 100% of their field goal attempts with the latter netting 16 rebounds, the most in the match.

That’s not to say that Golden State didn’t make an impact. A third quarter comeback made the game close and for a moment a performance from similar to that seen against the Trail Blazers in early April from the Warriors was on the cars.

However the damage to the Warriors was done in the first quarter and it was an up hill battle from the 11-31 scoreline after the first 12 minutes.

Although Curry and Thompson contributed over 50 of the Warriors score, sloppy play and turnovers gave the Cavs easy points every time the Warriors made inroads.

Miss fires from the otherwise dependable Green and Livingstone didn’t help Golden State’s cause and apart from a short passage of points for Leandro Barbosa, the Warriors’ third highest scorer, the league’s most dangerous bench turn out to rather placid.

Despite last nights performance the Warriors will go into game  as favourites. In front of a home crowd. However it is finely poised and don’t rule out Cleveland picking up their first World Series trophy especially after becoming just the third team to take the series to the final match after being 3-1 down.

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