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  • Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

I think I’ve decided!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


I very rarely claim to be knowledgeable about politics and business, I know a little, just not a lot! But as I am watching the Last Debate about the EU I can’t help but feel glad that we are finally getting some decent arguments. Tuesday’s debate in Wembley was a huge breath of fresh air and last night’s debate on Channel 4 with more than just politicians is a great idea.

Finally we are getting facts, albeit with the one side still accusing the other of scaremongering, and now the public have been informed. Finally we are seeing arguments instead of elites fighting. Finally we backing ideas and policies instead of faces. Thank god that these people have finally come to their senses.

With that said I can’t believe how much the remain campaign are playing on the fear of the unknown. I don’t want to use the work ‘scaremongering’ because it is a legitimate fear but with that being said the reason why the polls are opening today is because a majority of people are not happy with our relationship with Europe now. The unknown is not something to be scared of, it’s exciting, it’s an opportunity to make things better. To build, to develop without the apparent restrictions of the EU.

As I say, I’m no expert however the crux of the remain argument seems to be the economy. How, if we leave, we will be polarized in every industry and millions of jobs will be lost. I think that’s extreme. Peroni, Amstel and Kopparburg aren’t going to stop dealing with the UK food and drink industry because we leave the EU, despite any TAX increase. NATO aren’t going to leave us out of counter-terrorism talks because we are out of the EU, Britain will always be involved because of our influence.

That’s not to say leave camp are much better. As big a problem as it is, immigration is by no means as bad as they make out. Certainly terrorism is a threat but there are camps in Calais full of malnourished men, women and children because of British boarder control. We are not over run by terrorists and immigrants are not taking all the jobs, they are the subject of blame for the unambitious and the frustrated.

By no means am I expecting a perfect Britain after Friday. There will be major divisions in Parliament if we remain and if we leave there will be a lot of uncertainty and a huge rebuilding project for whoever is lucky enough to stay in Westminster. But what is the alternative? Being a part of an institution that we have no say in? Who, to a certain extent, control us? At the end of the day, although they are elected, the men who make decisions in Brussels are not elected by UK citizens. The MEP elections showed that in 2014. No one knew how the system worked and two years down the line, still no one knows.

No effort has been made to inform the public how the EU works and Europe doesn’t show any signs of accepting reforms so why should we remain?

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