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I'm with Boris (on this one)

One of the interviews that caught my eye this week was the one-on-one that the BBC had with the recently elected PM. Amongst other things, Mr Johnson spoke of the UK’s relationship with Huawei, a company you should be aware of by now. In the interview he challenged the Huawei naysayers to provide evidence of espionage or insecurities with Huawei infrastructure, a stance that I agree with. As we’ve all heard, 5G is, or at least will be, a transformational technology but its success is dependant on a roll out that is effective and uses the best technologies. Huawei has some of the best network infrastructure solutions in the market; some would argue the best. The only downside is its entanglement with the US government and the accusations of espionage on behalf of the Chinese government that have resulted in a ban in US, Australian and New Zealand markets. It could be said that the latter two countries were influenced by the man in the white house, but without straying into that particular argument, I would argue that there has been little to no evidence of these accusations and we should not stunt our own development because of hollow accusations. If you want proof of where that will get us, look over the pond to our American cousins.

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