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About Me

My name is Elliot, I’m a 28-year-old journalist with over five years of senior editorial experience at national print titles, hungry for more writing opportunities.

I have experience of news and feature writing, as well as editing titles, and I also have an interest in recorded interviews for podcasts and streaming sites such as YouTube.

Throughout my career, I have produced long-form copy to tight deadlines and met daily quotas for website uploads. I have experience in planning, laying out and sub-editing content for print titles whilst taking into consideration online, broadcast, and social media mediums as well as website rankings, SEO ratings and readership analytics.

I am currently available for freelance opportunities and feel I have the skills and the contact book to make compelling contributions to any publication.


At New Electronics I reported on the systems and components inside tech. Writing for design engineers, I covered a range of topics and industries including healthcare, mobile, display technologies and security, looking to find new ways technology is helping in the respective field or application.


Feeling the future of robotic control

Now VR and AR are established in several vertical markets, the next stage is adding haptic feedback.

Technology Business Today was a outlet that aimed to report on the business to business IT reseller market. With a target audience of distributors, resellers, manufacturers and end users I wrote pieces interviewing key decision makers at Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Huawei.

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Sector in Focus: 5G & Connectivity

After its launch by all four operators, 5G is here but how can businesses in 2020 take advantage and how should they prepare themselves.

January 2020

The 30 year old start up

The majority stake acquisition of the Toshiba hardware business by Sharpe has brought a new name to the market. Nick Offin explains why bringing his dynabook brand to the established market may not be such a bad idea.

October 2019

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Dealing with Disaster

No one wants to think of the worst but unfortunately the best course of action is sometimes to prepare for disaster. Where the enterprise and corporates have adopted, the SMBs won’t be far behind but are there any added challenges for those with less resources?

December 2019

Profiting from the Hybrid Cloud

As we entered into the new financial year, NetApp senior Vice President and General Manager of EMEA, Alex Wallner set out the vision over the next 12 months.

June 2019

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Providing Stability through transformation

In the face of complex IT challenges and a lack of qualified people to tackle them, the reseller market has seen the acceleration of the Managed Service Provider model.

October 2019

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At the Edge of opportunity

We’re all aware of the Internet of Things and the power of the edge but how does that potential translate into revenues?

December 2019

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